Stripe is a powerful payment processing platform enabling businesses to manage subscription-based services easily. In this blog post, we’ll walk through the step-by-step implementation of Stripe subscriptions in PHP.

Introduction to Stripe Subscriptions
Stripe subscriptions allow businesses to bill customers regularly for products or services. With Stripe, you can set up various subscription plans, handle recurring payments, and manage customer subscriptions seamlessly.

Setting Up Your Stripe Account
Before diving into the code, you must sign up for a Stripe account and obtain your API keys. These keys will allow you to interact with the Stripe API programmatically. Once you have your keys, you can integrate Stripe into your PHP application.

Integrating Stripe into Your PHP Application

Step 1: Installation

You must install the Stripe PHP library to integrate Stripe into your PHP application. You can do this using Composer, a popular PHP dependency manager.

composer require stripe/stripe-php

Step 2: Configuration

Next, configure your Stripe API keys in your PHP application. You can do this in a configuration file or with your code.
$stripe = new \Stripe\StripeClient("YOUR_SECRET_KEY_HERE");

Replace "YOUR_SECRET_KEY_HERE" with your actual secret API key.

Step 3: Creating Products and Prices

In Stripe, products represent the goods or services you’re selling, while prices define the pricing for those products. Let’s create a product and a corresponding price for our subscription.

$product = $stripe->products->create([
    'name' => $_POST['product_title'],
    'description' => $_POST['product_description'],
    'default_price_data' => [
        'currency' => 'usd',
        'unit_amount' => $_POST['product_price'] ? $_POST['product_price'] * 100 : $_POST['one_time_price'] * 100,

$price = $stripe->prices->create([
    'unit_amount' => intval($field['finalPrice']) * 100,
    'currency' => 'usd',
    'product' => $field['productInformation']['stripe_product_id'],
    'recurring' => ['interval' => 'day', 'interval_count' => $days],

Step 4: Creating Subscriptions

Finally, we’ll create a subscription for the customer. This subscription will use the previously created price.

$subscriptions = $stripe->subscriptions->create([
    'customer' => $customer->id, // Customer ID obtained from previous steps
    'items' => [['price' => $price->id]], // Price ID of the subscription plan
    'payment_behavior' => 'default_incomplete', // Specify payment behavior
    'expand' => ['latest_invoice.payment_intent'],
    'collection_method' => 'charge_automatically' // Specify collection method

In this guide, we’ve covered integrating Stripe subscriptions into your PHP application. By following these steps, you can set up subscription-based billing for your products or services, allowing you to manage recurring payments and subscriptions for your business effectively. Stripe offers robust documentation and developer resources, so feel free to explore further to customize your subscription setup according to your specific requirements.

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