Visual Studio AWS Toolkit is an extension for Microsoft Visual Studio that simplifies the process of developing, debugging, and deploying .NET applications using Amazon Web Services (AWS). This toolkit is available through the Visual Studio Marketplace and supports Visual Studio 2022, 2019, and 2017. For Visual Studio 2013 and 2015, the toolkit is included in the AWS SDK and the Tools for .NET Install package.

Unfortunately, the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio does not currently support Visual Studio for Mac.

AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio

What are the prerequisites of the AWS Toolkit?

Before installing AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio make sure you have the following:

Visual Studio 17 or later is required.
Windows 10 or later version of Windows
Active AWS IAM Credentials Administrator access to Windows and Visual Studio

How to Installation AWS Toolkit?

Follow these steps to install AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio:

Launch Visual Studio.
Open the Visual Studio Marketplace.
See “AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio”.
Select the correct Visual Studio version (2022, 2019, or 2017).
Click “Download” and follow the installation instructions.
You may need to manually close and restart Visual Studio to complete the installation.
When the download and installation is complete, select AWS Explorer from the View menu to launch the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio.

AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio

How to uninstallation AWS Toolkit?

The below instructions should be followed if you need to uninstall AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio.

Activate Visual Studio.
Select Manage Extensions under Extensions from the menu.
Expand the Manage extensions heading Installed in the navigation menu.
After you find the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio Extension, select the Uninstall button.
To complete the uninstall process, follow the onscreen instructions.
You can quickly develop new .NET projects using the AWS.NET libraries, build and debug your applications, and manage your AWS resources with the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio. For any .NET developer using AWS, this is a powerful tool.


AWS Toolkit Easily incorporates the power of Amazon Web Services (AWS) into the comfortable environment of Microsoft Visual Studio The Visual Studio AWS Toolkit is a game-changer for developers. Developer productivity has increased significantly thanks to this powerful toolset, which enables them to build, test, and deploy .NET apps using AWS directly from their IDE. NET, which enables programmers to build apps that use AWS infrastructure services, including Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, and Amazon DynamoDB. The Visual Studio AWS Toolkit is revolutionizing the way developers interact with AWS thanks to its powerful capabilities and ease of use.

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